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This song, "IO PIANO E VOI FORTE" is the introduction of my album that contains 8 tracks currently in distribution.
The producer and owner of reproduced work reserve all rights. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this recording are absolutely prohibited! Manufactured in the E.U. - SIAE
Music Project: Marco De Vita
Artistic production : Marco De Vita
Executive production :Marco De Vita
Production Assistant: Paola Basile
Arranging, playing, mixing and mastering by Fabrizio Fedele @Cellar Studio NA
Art director: Francesca Carrino
Photographer: Roberta Langella
Makeup artist: Paola Guidotti
Hair Stylist :Salvatore Silvestro
Location: Emme2 Napoli
Designer: Paola Basile

© 2016 by MARCO DE VITA

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