...from north to south
My dream is to realize what my heart asks, even though my mind tries to maintain a stable balance with reality ..... but there, where there is the magic of eternity, we can ask ourselves questions e.g. ask whether the reality will exist one day, or it will be just a short-lived moment

Marco De Vita was born in Naples in 1979 and grew up in the streets of Genoa between Caricamento and Ferrari's square. As a child he was very fond of the arts and entertainment. Neapolitan by birth, his parents moved to Genoa, Marco began playing the piano at age 7, inspired by the great songwriters who have made Italian music history, including: Fabrizio De Andre, Gino Paoli, Luigi Tenco, Ivano Fossati , Renato Zero, Renato Carosone and Rino Gaetano as well as on the international scene, Michael Jackson who was always an inspiration in experiencing electronic music, jazz and blues. As a young child he began participating in singing competitions. Later he began writing lyrics and music, creating harmonies and melodies that have his own personal touch. During the year 2006 he met Laura Cappelluccio, a teacher of classical music. He studied intensively for three years bringing together his compositional skills, musical technique and singing. He produced his first single track in 2010 entitled "ORA IMPARERO' A VOLARE". In 2011 he participated in Premio Mogol and in 2012 was a guest in the event "September Notes" in Matera organized by Paola Palladino. DeVita moved back to his native city in 2012 and continues to write songs making his dream a reality. His meetings with the Pianist and Composer Ivana D'Addona, and the singer Monica Ferrigno were crucial to his participation in performances and events in Neapolitan theaters. In 2014 he entrusted the arrangements of his first album "PARLIAMONE" to the musician Fabrizio Fedele, the CD is now available on distribution channels. The photos on the CD: PARLIAMONE and this website, are all the copyright (©) of the photographer Roberta Langella.

© 2016 by MARCO DE VITA

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